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Toilet Water Saving Systems

The toilet flush is nearly 75% of the total water use at home.

Every percentages of water save in the toilet is a major save in total. There are some simple techniques each can adopt to save water in the toilet when there are few advanced technologies to help us doing it more efficiently. This is where the toilet water saving systems gets into action.

The bottle idea: saving water in the toilet with simple bottle. Take plastic bottle, fill it with water and put it in the toilet tank. If its 1.5 liter bottle it will be great. Now, every time you flush the water, its flushing 1.5 liter less.

Multiply this number to the number of persons in your house, and the times they are using the bathroom daily, weekly, yearly. Here you have simple water saving techniques in the house toilet. More advanced save water technologies are available for use, all were invented in order to promote water saving and to make water saving systems more financial to use.

Advanced technologies are based on re using sink water into the toilet tank. The system pumps the water from the sink directly to the toilet tank and save it there. When you flush the water, its sink water and not new fresh ones. These water saving systems are not too expensive and easy to install. The save in water is huge, more than 3000 gallons of water per person a year.