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Dry toilets

For many, the thought of dry toilets brings to mind immediately images of bug infested outhouses, and many can’t see any appeal in this kind of situation at all. However, new movements in the environmental sector are bringing to light specially designed dry toilets that provide for dry sanitation in a way that people did not previously think possible.

It is also ecological sanitation, because these are composting toilets that are now available, and they can help to improve the overall condition of the environment, both through their composting abilities and the water saving that takes place as a result of implementing this type of technology.

Dry toilets are important because they conserve water and create valuable compost for the soil. The refuse collected from ecological sanitation dry toilets is extremely good for the soil. Dry sanitation with composting toilets is something that many organizations are now trying to promote on a more worldwide basis so that people in communities all over the world can see the advantages in implementing the more advanced dry sanitation facilities that are now available.

Composting toilets not only help the quality of the soil in the community around them through the compost output, but they also save massive amounts of water when offered as an alternative to flush toilets. The water conservation efforts currently in place are among the most important environmental issues that the world is facing, because clean water saving is the one resource that humanity simply cannot be without.

Hopefully, through the educational efforts of people about the proper use of water and the options that are available to them, such as these dry toilets, it will be possible to better preserve our water supply. Ecological sanitation is going to become an ever increasing concern as the global population continues to increase.